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    Help me to achieve my goal: creating a dynamic CQ5 website from a CRX Imported Site

    MatheusOliveira Level 1

      Hello everyone.


      For two weeks now, i'm trying to create a dynamic content CQ5 website from an imported CRX site.


      What I already did and where I am now:


      Step 1 - I have imported a website using the CRX Import Site tool.


      Step 2 - I have done some mappings in my imported site images and texts. In the CRX content repository estructure, I can found the mappings as

      unstructured nodes, at "etc/designs/mysite/dev/mappings", the component properties matching the components I selected in the component extractor;


      Step 3 - I have done some extractions in my imported site images and texts. In the CRX content repository estructure, I can found the extracted components

      at "apps/mysite/resources/images" (the last two ones I created myself);



      Step 4 - After done all these steps, I acessed the Web Sites CQ5 menu and selected the "New Site" option, in the "New..." button. A "MySite Blueprint" is avaliable

      to be selected as a Blue Print to my new site, but If I select this one and create my new site, not all the mapped components can be manipulated or selected and some

      mappings just show on as an empty selection box in the page, where I am able to insert images, for exemple.



      In short, after all these steps, I still can't do what I want with my mapped components and the new site is, basically, the same as the imported. Not every mapped components can be selected and edited and I can't change my site template or content (the far I got here is add a new image in the site, but without the liberty to change the position).


      So, what I'm forgetting? Is there some step that I don't getting through? Maybe I need to work on the template created by the site importer?

      Is there some material or media that can help me or maybe add knowledge to me?


      Already read the "Site importer" and "Components" in Adobe CQ5 Documentation but don't get me far from where I am now.


      If someone can help me to make this process better, with more liberty on my new site and the possibility to control all the components, adding new ones

      or editing the existent ones, I'll be very gratefull and with a great new knowledge.



      Operational System: Windows Server 2008

      CQ Version: CQ