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    fl_ProLoader Help


      I was wondering if i could just ask for you help o this thing i am doing in

      flash as i cant get the code to work, i need to swf file to unload when i

      press any key on the keyboard


      So when your on frame 30 you click an image and it takes you to frame 35 and

      load the video in a container with this code


      movie1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToLoadUnloadSWF);


      import fl.display.ProLoader;

      var fl_ProLoader:ProLoader;


      var fl_ToLoad:Boolean = true;


      function fl_ClickToLoadUnloadSWF(event:MouseEvent):void




            fl_ProLoader = new ProLoader();

            fl_ProLoader.load(new URLRequest("Movie1-FullVersion.swf"));










            fl_ProLoader = null;




        fl_ToLoad = !fl_ToLoad;





      Then when your on frame 35 you press any keyboard key to return to frame 30

      but i cant get the code right so that it also unload the swf file


      here is the code i use to return


      stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, fl_KeyboardDownHandler);


      function fl_KeyboardDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void



        trace("Key Code Pressed: " + event.keyCode);


        gotoAndStop (30);






      what code do i need to put in there to unload?


      Please help as i am really stuck on this and its giving me a headache, iv

      tried so many combinations


      Thank you