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    Can't name layers in Photoshop CS4

    Wendy H Level 1

      When I highlight a layer and start typing a new name in, it switches over to keyboard shortcuts. The only way I can name a layer is to go into Layer Properties, which takes up a lot of time. I've removed prefs and restarted, run Diskwarrior, repaired permissions, everything I can think of.


      I am also having the same trouble with InDesign, so perhaps this problem is Adobe-wide, but these are the two I use the most. I suspect this was caused by the installation of MacKeeper, which was deleted some time ago - still have problem.


      Can anyone suggest a fix? Thank you!

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          Wendy H Level 1

          Addendum: Having a peek at contents of Prefs folder and see odd doc named:



          Does this belong in Prefs?

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Wendy, four hours without a response is a pretty long time for this forum, and I am not a Mac use so can't offer much help.   I did have a quick Google though, and am wondering if essential files might have been deleted or disabled while using MacKeeper.  It might help to reinstal Photoshop which would hopefully repair or replace any missing files.   This post will at least bump your question, and hopefully folk that know Apple systems will haul their backsides back from the CS6 forum and give you a fix.

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              Wendy H Level 1

              Trevor, Thank you for reading my question, at least! If someone Mac-ish would respond (please??), I'd like to know what files might be gone. I replaced apps using archived Time Machine files but they're still funky. Amazing that something can do all that damage, esp something that's supposed to clean things up. (I do have to add that their customer service is tops, tho)

              Thanks again!

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Ouch, MacKeeper is malware, is it not?


                You might be faced with reinstalling the application.



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                  Wendy H Level 1

                  The whole MacKeeper thing is very weird. I saw some review of it - a resounding review, on a responsible site - and thought I'd try it, what the heck. I am VERY careful about stuff like that. Ran it, freaked because it appeared to trash some things, messaged their help center and asked them to uninstall, which they did right away. But it can't have been anything else - I regularly run maintenance programs, repair permissions, etc. Tried replacing apps w/ Time Machine version, no real luck. I had my fingers crossed that there would be a way to fix this, but I guess that's reinstall.


                  Guess I would warn anybody thinking of MacKeeper - don't do it!


                  Thanks for making me face the facts, I guess!