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    Splitting and Organizing Clips


      Hi all,

      I'm starting a video editing project using Adobe Premier Elements 10 and while I have some experience with Final Cut, I'm relatievly new to Adobe Premier Elements. I have one video that is 35 minutes long and I would like to split it into many smaller clips, rename, and reorganize the clips in folders in the project menu. Is there a way to do this? I have no problem splitting a clip and renaming it but the program doesn't seem to let me take that clip and put it back into the project menu or into a new folder.


      Any help would be much appreciated!




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          The easiest way is to edit your long Clip, and then use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to Export/Share to discrete AV files.


          The format chosen for that Export/Share will depend on the material that you are editing. What is the format/CODEC of your Source Files?


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Bill has assumed you mean a physical splitting of the clip and if that is what you are after then he has given you the answer.


            But you might also consider virtual splitting within a project.


            In the Project Media panel you can create one or more project folders using the Folder icon:




            You can then take your 35 minute clip and create duplicates of it in your new folder(s). NB: These are not physical duplicates, only the original 35 minute clip is on your hard disk. So you don't have to worry how many duplicates you make, they do  not take up extra hard disk space.




            Having done this you can then rename the duplicates (in my example part 1, part 2, part 3). But the clever bit, that allows you to treat each of those duplicates as a separate clip, is that you can then set unique In/Out points for each duplicate. In the screen shot following you can see the In/Out point for 'part1'. In the Media panel you can see that part_1 is 13 frames long while part_2 is 1 second & 14 frames long.


            You can add these alternate versions to the timeline and apply different effects and transitions to each part.







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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              You are correct about my assumption, and that might not what the OP wants. Thank you for offering an alternative, which might be more in keeping with the needs here.


              Your use of multiple Instances of a Clip, with different Trim Points, is also very good. While there are several ways to create separate and different Instances, I find that using the Source Monitor, Trimming to just what I need, and then dragging from the Source Monitor to the Timeline, works for my workflow. However, the Clip Name reads the same, as one large Clip was used as the "source." Your Duplicate allows for easy Renaming of the "sub-clips." *


              Thanks for that.




              * Note: the term "sub-clip," is being used to define splitting the Source File into small pieces. Other NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs, like PrPro, have another feature, Sub-Clips, that are similar, but have some major differences. In the case in PrE, the "sub-clips," are not quite the same as PrPro's Sub-Clips.

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                jfleish89 Level 1

                Hi Bill and Neale,

                Thanks so much for your help and insight. I think Neale's answer pretty much gives me exactly what I'm looking for as my main concern is just to break up and organize the clips in the WAB before I even think about placing clips on the Timeline. The help is much appreciated!