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    Next logical upgrade


      Hi, I am tired of previewing on my monitor in my one monitor setup. I mainly do photoshop work and am editing on a NEC 24" display and would like to do to a dual monitor setup at some point. I currently have a GT240 hacked for Mercury Playback when I edit video. I would like to preview realtime to an HDTV and not get bogged down with any effects so I can better see what a rendered clip will look like. -So dual monitors calibrated for photo editing and an HDTV on a third output selected in Premiere for realtime preview. Can this be done with a new video card? What are some options without breaking the bank. My system is a Intel i7 950 and a Intel DX58S02 MB with 12gigs of ram.


      Thanks for any helpful advice you might have.



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          Zoop studio Level 1

          The new GTX 680 can output 4 monitors

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            scottmartinez Level 1

            Thanks! I was thinking that I needed a Matrox or Blackmagic card, but if I am capturing video via firewire or on compact flash, there does not seem to be a need for that. Two DVI's and an HDMI would do the trick it seems. -And am hoping that the Mercury Playback performance gets a boost from a better card. I just connected a VGA monitor to the second output of the GT240 and I can select it for a playback monitor. I works and is letter boxing the HD output, but chokes when full resolution is selected on playback.