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    SSD setup

    StarMarc Level 1

      I am currently now trying to complete my new workstation based on the 3930k and gtx 680!!


      Was just going to purchase a 120GB OCZ vertex3 for my apps/boot drive.  Is it recommended to use a separate SSD for anything else on a premiere/AE system?


      thanks in advance

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          David Zeno Level 1

          you NEVER want to have your SSD hooked up so that Premiere is writing files to it.  SSDs have a very very short shelf life if you constantly read and write to them,

          not sure if you knew this, but it's something to know.


          SSD should be for your OS only, all programs like Premiere should be saving to another drive.  Don't save files to your SSD !


          If you want something to do that, you can go with one of the new hybrid drives, ( SSD / regular hard drive built into one ) however it's not needed,

          just get a fast regular old hard drive, that is fast, and use that for all of your previews etc ( scratch drive )


          when an SSD dies, it dies WITHOUT warning.  There is NO alert, no nothing, it just stops working, and it is impossible to get any data off it.


          Your computer will tell yu that you have NO hard drive in your computer, that's how FINAL the death of an SSD is.


          SSDs have a long way to go before they are reliable like the hard drives we know and love.