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    Form Participant Step.

    Ram Atmakur

      Hi All, Back again with my qns to experts.


      My qn is related to Form Participant workflow. I wanted to work with Form Participant as I think it gives me a flexiblity to work with java script as against with dialog participant step.

      What I did:

      1. I create a page with some text fields.

      2. Created a workflow model with choosing this page as a part of form participant Step.

      3. Kicked off a workflow

      4. Came to my workflow inbox.

      5. Right click on my action item in the inbox and choose complete.

      6. Here I was expecting to have some sort of an interaction with my form/page that I have associated my participant workflow step with. But I dont see my form but just an out of the box dialog with next step and comment.



      1. Is it the right approch?

      2. Choosing a 'page' as part of my step is right one or should I be creating my form differently?

      3. Or my interaction with the page would be some where else and not from the inbox.



      Any suggestions here would help.


      Thanks and Regards