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    CPU Overheating During Export of AVCHD Video


      I am using:


      Premiere Pro CS5

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      AMD Phenom II 1055T X6 2.8 GHz

      12 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ

      GeForce GTX460 1GB Video Card


      I know I should be using an Intel CPU with AVCHD, but that is a lesson that was learned after building this system.


      I am working on a feature film. I have edited each scene separately, exporting each video as a 1080p MPEG2 clip, with a quality setting of 4.


      I compiled all of these clips into one project. TRT about 100 minutes.


      When I first put the entire film together, without transitions, I was able to export it just fine in the same format that I exported the individual clips. Then I added in all of my desired transitions and minor effects (Dip to Black, Dissolves, Opacity fade-ups/downs, volume fade-ups/downs, etc.). I also added in titles and a number of PSD files. Now when I try to export the video my computer shuts off after a little while. The ONLY time this happens is when I attempt to export the movie. I don't think my problem is with the power supply, I BELIEVE it is the CPU overheating.


      Today I tried changing the affinity setting in Task Manager to only allow Premiere to use a single core, instead of all six. About a half an hour into the process the system still shut off.


      For my next attempt I was going to try exporting everything in 10-20 minute clips, then compile all of those clips together and export the entire movie, so that I wouldn't be exporting 100 minutes of video that includes a bunch of effects.


      Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!