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    How do I move an entire PRE 8 video project

    John J

      I have a Premier Elements 8 under Windows 7 half complete video project on my laptop that I would like to move it to my desktop computer to take advantage of a more powerful machine. The desktop also has PRE 8 under Windows 7, but is an i7 quad core processor, 3x the RAM and a NVidia giga byte display adapter.


      My project consists of a couple hundred photos from various directories, mostly on a shared NAS drive.


      What steps do I have to do to move the project and reconnect all photo and audio files with the least hassle?


      Thank you for your help.

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          John A Anthony

          File-->Project Archiver

          Select from one of the two optios and choose a destination path for the project

          Copy the archived project on your second computer and start editing.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            John J,


            You might also benefit from a slightly different folder structure for you Project. I too use a NAS to store the originals of my Assets, but for speed in editing, create sub-folders, where I Copy my Assets. This ARTICLE lists my most common Project setup.


            John Anthony's suggestion on using Project Archiver is a good one. Before you assume that it has gathered everything, for your Project, test it on the laptop, where everythiing is where you started. I have encountered instances, where there were Assets, well outside of the Project's folder structure, where Project Archiver (and also PrPro's Project Manager) did not gather all Assets.


            Good luck,



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