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    Message routing to specific client with blazeds

    Solerous Level 1
      I want to send a message to a specific client with messaging. The closest thing I could find was this method from the API:


      public void pushMessageToClients(Set subscriberIds,
      Message message,
      boolean evalSelector)
      This method is not invoked across a cluster, it is always locally invoked. The passed message will be pushed to the subscribers in the passed set, conditionally depending upon the execution of their selector expressions.
      subscriberIds - The set of subscribers to push the message to.
      message - The Message to push.
      evalSelector - true to evaluate each subscriber's selector before pushing the message to them; false to skip selector evaluation.

      But I don't know how to get the subscriberIds associated with a particular client. I can call getSubscriberIds to get a Set, but I have no idea how to process this information or how to determine which of my flex apps has a given subscriberId.

      Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?