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    Media Offline.  I hope somebody can help :)

    How Funny

      Okay, take a deep breathe.  I'm new to Premier Pro CS5.5

      I dunno what I did, but obviously, I f****d up, lol


      In the workspace, it says "media offline" on the right side

      Yet, my video clips are in the bin to the left. 


      My audio is there in the timeline, spliced up like the video should be, but my video is not there in the timeline.  Just a really long two inch thick purple line. 

      One long clip of emptyness. 


      Here's how I got there, which means here's how I created this problem, lol.


      I imported 20-30 video clips into Premiere

      I set my "in" and "out" markers and only put in the part of the clips that I liked into the timeline.

      I then highlighted all and used the "Replace with After Effects Composition".

      So far, so good.


      I've deleted projects and renamed projects, not knowing that it would screw up the flow, lol.

      So, I have all the edited clips in my AE project, which is great.  "BUT", in Premiere it only shows the edited audio in the timeline, but not the video. 

      I like to edit video in Premiere because you can view video without rendering like you have to inside AE. 



      What should I do?  Is my project doomed?  What's the chain of commandment/rules for Premiere Pro? 

      I'm confused....

      If "Media is Offline" then why is my audio in the timeline?  Not just the audio from the video, but my "edited clips" show in the audio timeline.


      thanks to anyone that can help.  If you do respond, please try to explain in detail.  Thanks again

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          VideOh Level 1

          I haven't worked much with AE, but if you've "deleted projects and renamed projects" (components of which you've linked your Premiere project to) it sounds like an issue of Premiere no longer having the matching names associated with the file, or else the file no longer even existing (if you've deleted it). The same thing happens if you change the name of (or delete) a source file of any type of asset that you've imported into or otherwise linked Premiere to.


          If you do still have the files, or know what new or renamed files the Premiere assets should be associated with, then simply right click on the offline media and there'll be an option like "Locate Source File" or something, or it will prompt you when you open the project.

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            How Funny Level 1

            Thanks VideOh   I read earlier in other forums about that, but when I "right click" or any kind of click to find that option "Locate Source File", it's not highlighted for me to choose it.  I've even went to project settings to manually click on it and it's not highlighted for me to click on it.  The strange thing to me is that, when I do open up Premiere Pro is that it will ask me to locate my ".aep file" which is my After Effects Project.  The acutal project name, ironically was called "deletedeletedelete.aep"  I named it that because, it was just a scrap project file......at least I thought it was.  So, yeah, I deleted that .aep file, but the main video source is inside Premiere Pro. 

            I think, I learned my lesson, lol.  Never delete anything, lol.  I dunno.  Thanks for your help though. 

            It would be nice if Premiere Pro would leave the video and audio edits inside the Premiere timeline as is, even if you (me) or anyone else decides to dynamic link the video in Premiere timeline to any other Program.  So, if I were to ever delete my .aep project, it would always be protected in the original program "Premiere" as I left it before the dynamic link. 

            To me, the "dynamic link" acts like a "cut & paste" and not a "copy and paste"

            So, if you use "dynamic link", it feels as if you are acutually cutting your data and pasting it in AE.  So, if you delete your AE file that you dynamically linked it to, your Premiere Project Media, including your edits, will go Offline.  If, I am right about what's going on, it would be amazing if Adobe's Engineers would correct that and make it more like a "copy dynamic link and pasting" into whatever program you use.  So, if you ever do delete or change the name of your file, you can always go back to Premiere Pro and re-dynamic link to a new project with a smile


            Thanks again VideOh! 


            Best Regards!

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              chac57 Level 1

              Try looking in your trash, maybe the deleted .aep file is still there. If it is, just recover it. Good luck!

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                VideOh Level 1

                Yes, since editing in Premiere is nondestructive there is no need to confuse the software (and yourself) by deleting and changing source file names. In the case of dynamic linking as you describe it, you can always make a duplicate Premiere project in which to do your draft work -- or, more conveniently, simply a duplicate of the sequence to which you are applying the dynamically linked AE effects, to effectively give yourself a save-point to go back to in case everything goes wrong. This doubling of sequences is in fact good practice in general; I often do so if I'm doing a second edit or trying an alternate edit of something, for instance.

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                  How Funny Level 1

                  Thanks for your help and advice.  I did already delete the files permanately.  I've already went ahead and deleted both Premiere Pro files and AE files and started all over.  Thanks for helping

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                    How Funny Level 1

                    Thanks chac57, but yeah....I permantely deleted the files, lol.  Thanks though.  I just started all over.  Thanks

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                      How Funny Level 1

                      If I double my sequence or duplicate my Premiere project, does it take up twice as much room on my hard drive?  It's about 15 gigs of video space is why, I'm asking.  Thanks

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                        VideOh Level 1

                        No, that's partly what is meant by "nondestructive." The video assets in your Premiere project are not the actual video files; everything you "edit" in Premiere is a reference to these files. Therefore when you delete video off a sequence you are not deleting the video off your computer, and when you duplicate a sequence you are not duplicating the huge video file.