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    Overlaying text on image




      I've read how to fill text with an image by laying the image over the text and setting it as a clipping mask.  But I want to achieve a particular effect, and my text also has a surrounding shape.


      Here is a snapshot of my layers:




      You can see I have a group comprising the text, and a shape layer (with stroke) to define a border.  Both text and border are a mid-grey.


      And I have set the group to "Color Burn" (over the image) to get an effect I like in the text.


      I would now like to achieve two separate things:


      (a) retain just the text and border (with color burned image within), the rest as white (or transparent)


      (b) retain the text and border AND the paler image within the border, everything outside the border as white (or transparent)


      In both cases, it would be far preferable to keep the text as a single editable text layer, and the shape layer as an editable shape layer, so that I can tweak both later.


      I'm not sure how to achieve either!  The techniques I've see have the image on TOP of the text, but for my effect the image is UNDER the text.


      Any help appreciated!



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          What you need is to put the rounded rectangle layer mask on a group you create from everything that's there now.


          However, when I mocked up what you did and tried to copy it the simple way, by dragging with modifier keys held down, I found that the mask's function ended up inverted for some reason - so as a backup plan I just named the path and added it manually to the new group layer via Layer - Vector Mask - Current Path.


          EDIT:  I figured out what I did wrong; I held too many keys down.  Just drag the vector mask with the Alt key held down and it copies just fine.





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            drmrbrewer Level 1

            Thanks, Noel.  That's great... hadn't really considered to group them and layer mask that.


            I guess there is no way around having to duplicate that rounded rectangle shape... so if you want to tweak it then you have to tweak both (or tweak one and copy again)?  It's preferable only to have to edit in one place, but maybe it's unavoidable.


            What about option (a) in my OP?  i.e. transparent/white also between the border and the text (i.e. inside the border), with just the text and border burning through to the image?  Again, add the text shape to the group layer mask so that it's in two places?  No neat trick to achieve this with a single text/shape layer?


            Thanks, appreciate your help.