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    Clearing Adobe AppData filling up C Drive

    VideOh Level 1

      My Windows 7 PC is a traditional set up for video, with separate media, backup, and app/boot drives. My apps are all installed on C, a 232 GB solid state drive that currently only has 19 GB of free space, the chief reason being the enormous size of the "Adobe" subfolder of the Windows "AppData" folder (C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Adobe), clocking in at a whopping 162 GB.


      As you might know, AppData, a normally hidden folder, stores preferences and settings from all applications, many of which files are necessary for the apps to function, or at least as desired. These aren't - at least not most of them - temp files you can safely delete. I was able to locate a tutorial on how to move the save location for AppData to another drive (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/87555-user-profile-change-default-location.html). My media drive is 2 TB, so this would be great, but the process is complicated, risky, and not even guaranteed to work.


      Since I know that many of you follow the same drive separation protocol, have you also experienced a filling-up C drive due to having your apps on it? How have you dealt with it? Is there an easier way to manage, or at least reduce, the filling up of this AppData? 162 GB seems like an awful lot of space just for Adobe App Data, especially since I barely use most of the apps in the suite.Are there any ways to deal with this through settings in the Adobe software itself? Otherwise, it would seem like segregating the applications to the C drive isn't - not entirely - an ideal set-up.


      I know this isn't strictly a Premiere question, but I wasn't sure where to categorize this; please point out if there's a better forum to which this is suited.