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    Flash Player Issue


      So I have a huge problem and I cannot seem to get this resolved.  I am using Windows 7 Professional (64-bit).  I updated to the new version of Flash Player, but something went wrong.  I uninstalled Flash Player, but one file will not uninstall.  Nor can I delete it.


      File: Flash11g.ocx


      File location:  C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\


      I tried using Malwarebytes to delete the file, access denied.  I tried unlocker, does not work.  I tried Lock Hunter and it does not work.  I tried renaming the file, that does not work.  I tried cmd.exe and tried del command and it does not work.


      So before I install Flash Player again for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, how to I get rid of this sole file?