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    How can I apply an image to a 2 piece 3D dome


      Hi all, I'm very new to Photoshop CS5 so I am very gratefull for any help. I have a specific requirement which is to apply an image, pattern or text to a 3d dome. The dome is will be in two halfs and layed flat in 2d then printed off with the design so that when the two halves are joined together the image or pattern matches across the seam. Is this even possible? Any help gratefully recieved.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Forget it. PS doesn't do UV unwrapping and even if it did, the resulting texture quality would probably be 100% awful. That aside, I don't see why this would require using any genuine 3D Unless the dome is infinitely complex, this could be done with a polar coordinate transform or linear unwrapping and then using some manual warping. People have done it fordecades this way...



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            duckduck2 Level 1

            Hi Myenium,


            Thanks for your response which was very helpfull. I've added a bit more detail below in case it may alter your view on how this might be done. I shall look into those techneques you mention.


            I had originally thought that 3D modelling with Photoshop was the answer as I could create the dome shape (imagine a beanie), unwrap it, using the 3d program, apply a texture in Photoshop bring it back into the 3d program to allow me to check it out in 3D then be able to print off two, 2d patterns onto fabric and then physically stich them together. The finished item would look like the 3d model and the image or design would match perfectly across the seam.


            Again many thanks for your advice.