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    focusEnabled property of colorPicker not working correctly


      Hello, I am using a mx.control.ColorPicker control to update colors of dynamically created RichEditableText components. Users are expected to select one of these  RichEditableText components and then click on ColorPicker & pick a color. I use the getFocus method to find which RichEditableText component has been selected by the user & then update its color. The focusEnabled & hasFocussableChildren properties of the colorPicker have been set to false to ensure that the focus doesn't shift from RichEditableText to ColorPicker when the user clicks on the ColorPicker. But, for some reason, the focus still shifts to colorPicker whenever the user tries to change the text color. Can someone suggest a way around this?

      Note - I am using the above method to update other properties like font size, rotation, font style, font weight, etc. of the RichEditableText components and that is working perfectly. Thanks.