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    Drop-down text not working in CHM (rh7)

    el_dano Level 1
      I'm encountering a javascript error with my RH7 project:
      When I generate a CHM file, the DHTML drop-down lists create a runtime error: "object expected". The object expected is "TextPopup(this)".
      I'm creating the drop-downs with standard, highlight-and-insert, manner. The drop-downs work in WebHelp, and also worked in RH 5 before I imported the project. However, NO drop-downs work, project-wide, in the generated CHM.
      Any ideas?
      Sample code:
      <p class=Body><a class=dropspot x-use-popup=#POPUP251245281 x-popup-type=pulldown
      href="javascript:TextPopup(this)" id=a2>This is a test DHTML</a><robohelp><script
      type="text/javascript" language=JavaScript1.2><!--