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    -opening position of CS1 "File Info" window-

    JeffGreenberg Level 1

      I have actions in CS1 to open :

      "Levels" window so I can individually adjust & save

      "File info" window so I can individually add text & save 

      The former window I can move & all following windows will open in new position.
      The latter I can move but next image always opens centrally again.

      Any way to make "File info" window open off to one side?


      Thanks in advance.  regards jg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Probably not. Actions do not store any UI data, this is handled automatically by the program and it will eitehr use the last active position of a palette or the default one. What you see is probably meant to be this way (the info window being in the context of each specific image and thus using default position, the levels palette being a global panel and using the last active). You could at best try your graphics driver's dialog repositioning options ands see if the info window responds to it...