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    Unable to Write Premiere Elements Project to DVD or Image


      Hi All,

      I brought Adobe Preiere Elements 9 at the end of last year and have spent many many hours learning and building a project which I have now ready for pubication to a DVD.

      I found I got "Low on System Memory" errors more frequently the bigger the project got. Each time, I would save and restart the program and never really lost any work fortunately.


      A few days ago, I "Shared" the project" choosing to write to a 4.7GB dvd.  Although the project was bigger than 4.7GB at the time, it compressed to a 4.7GB DVD fine and worked fine when viewed on TV etc.


      Since then I added the last chapter to the project to finish it and am ready to make my a final DVD.


      What I am finding is that it consistently fails when Burning to Folder(8.5GB) when Encoding Media at 69% (about 1 hour after I start it).  This also  happens when specifying a Disk or Folder of 4.7GB or 8.5GBas target.

      Adobe Premiere indicates the "Space Required" is 6.60GB (Bitrate 8.00 Mbps) final DVD size is 6.60GB so I would have expected it to easily  fit onto a 8.5GB Dual Layer DVD.


      I have re-tried after disabling my anti-virus and screen saver and stopping all other programs but no joy. 


      My version of APE9 is 9.0.1 (N224,08092010,240488)

      I am running Windows 7 64 Bit with Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz 3.70 GHz with 16BG of Ram.  I have a 1TB C: drive with 467GB free.


      Can anyone help me get this sorted please. I would be very grateful indeed.


      Many thanks Ray

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          N9JCR Level 2

          Tell us a little more about the project itself:  Is it SD video or HD?  Are you including still photos?  If so, how many and what size?  Do you have any red lines above your timeline?   That will help lead in a more specific direction.


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            nealeh Level 5

            Did you put a stop marker at the very end of your timeline? It's not necessary and can cause various problems with PRE so, if you did, delete it and see if you get a successful burn.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For the Memory/Resources issues, see this ARTICLE. It starts with a checklist on getting PrE set up to run best, then goes into links to help you tune the system and OS, and finally has links on troubleshooting. See the Memory/Resources link especially.


              Now, as PrE uses a 2-pass Transcode, where 50% of the total operation is 100% of the Timeline, and 100% is the culmination of the second pass, or 200% of the Timeline (two passes of 100%),that 67% indicates that something might be wrong at about the 27% point on the Timeline, and it is showing up in the second pass. At about that point, what are the Assets, something like a large Still Image, or odd Clip?


              That is why N9JCR asked about your Assets and your Timeline. Also, Neale's statement has fixed many a troublesome Timeline.


              Good luck,



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                KiwiRay28 Level 1


                First of all, many thanks for taking the trouble of helping...

                To answer all the questions in order...  


                - This is a HD video project using .MTS files and stills.

                -  The stills are all jpgs and vary in size from 14MB to about 2.5MB  (The higher resolution photos are 4320x 2880 pixels approx)

                -  There are about 30 video clips of various durations and about 50 stills

                - If I run Timeline - Render Work Area - I get no red in the timeline.


                - I did have a stop marker at the end and I removed it but that didn't make any difference.


                - I'm still working through what has been suggested but I don't follow your math to get at 27%.

                  My project is 1Hr 20m 43s long. = 80.717 minutes long.

                  So if it errors at 69% does this relate to something wrong between (69-50)*2=38% and the next percentage value *2 = 40%.  Which would translate to the timeline between 80.717*0.38=30.67mins and 80.17*0.4=32.1 minutes?


                Since posting the original problem, I changed the PC Pagefile to use 20000 to 30000 Kb.  I no longer get the same error but now I get a transcoding error consistantly at 3%.

                In some ways this is good as I don't have to wait so long for the error to happen when testing...

                If 3% transcoding corresponds to 6% on the timeline,  then I calcuate that this corresponds to 4.64minutes in and 8% on the timeline is 6.4 minutes in.

                There are no stills between these times just MTS video tracks and a sound track.  There were transitions which I have removed, and I can't see any anomolies or gaps.

                After rendering the timeline and saving,attempting to burn to folder again gives the same transcoding error at 3%.

                When the error happens, I can click on the Cancel button and the program will come back and ask "Burn in Progress. Are you sure you want to cancel?" so it recovers gracefully from the error.

                If I preview the project between minute 4 and 7, it plays fine with nothing obviously wrong and no "glitches" or gaps.

                Thanks Ray

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Your pictures are so large that they MAY cause problems


                  Photo Scaling for Video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/450798

                  -Too Large May = Crash http://forums.adobe.com/thread/879967

                  -And another crash report http://forums.adobe.com/thread/973935

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As John T. states, those overly-large stills are a problem, as could have been the Stop Marker at the end.


                    You are correct about my flawed math. I was going from memory, rather than just referring back to your exact statement of

                    it consistently fails when Burning to Folder(8.5GB) when Encoding Media at 69%

                    The equation holds, but I got lazy and though that you had written "77%," which would have led to ~ "27%" of the Timeline on the second pass. All I had to do was scroll up, and see that the match should have yielded ~ 19% of the Duration of the Timeline. Laziness is bad trait of mine... along with a failing memory... Thank you for poiinting out my error.


                    OK, now Transcoding is failing at ~ 3%, where it once got into the second pass, and all you did was up the Page File size. That is odd indeed. Note: the little progress dialog is a rough approximation, and the hang could well be coming, just before the next % is about to be shown. Personally, I like a progress meter, that deals in Frames Transcoded. Even if one needs to set up a video camera, focused on the progress dialog, to record the exact Frame, where Transcoding fails, that is much better than just a %. Then, one just runs the Frame number through the SMPT FPS, of say 30 FPS, to see the exact spot on the TimeCode. Much better for critical troubleshooting.


                    Now, there could well be issues, just down the Timeline, but as the program has hung at that one point, just fixing it, might not fix others, just waiting to bring the Transcoding to a halt.


                    Since you are down-rezzing an HD Project to SD for DVD-Video, one workflow, that might be smoother, would be to Export/Share your Timeline to DV-AVI, letting the down-rezzing happen there. Then, create a new DV Project, Import that DV-AVI into it, and then author the DVD-Video.


                    Some users have had issues, when editing and authoring in HD, and doing the down-rezzing at the Burn to Disc/Folder stage. Those issues often come from having HD Menus, that also get down-rezzed.


                    The editing part of the operation is handled by Adobe's code, but when it gets to authoring, Adobe has just wrapped the Sonic AuthorCore modules, that it licences from Sonic, and hands off the authoring to those modules. That handoff is transparent to the user, but the Sonic modules are very strict, and really like a narrow sub-set of resourcs fed to them. It is the exact same operation, as when one edits in PrPro, and then transfers the Assets into Adobe Encore (the full-featured authoring application, which uses those same Sonic AuthorCore modules, though more of them), to author the DVD-Video. The big difference there is that the user knows that they are actually going to another application - Encore. When going to the authoring stage in a Project, I really like to keep things simple and straightforward. Life gets better, when I do.


                    Sorry about my "math," and glad that you caught my mistake.


                    Wish that I had some thoughts on why the Transcoding failure moved way up the process. As a test, can you Export/Share your Timeline to DV-AVI, after you Scale those large still images?


                    Good luck,