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    CS3 ACR and Nikon Profiles

    Hudechrome Level 2

      I recently installed CS3 on an older Dell workstation (ca 2005 or so) to enable the use of the Epson scanner on XP Sp3. I also want the user of that computer to access CS3 to at least learn fundamentals. CS3 shows 10.0.1, ACR All I can see in Calibration is 3.6 and 4.6, not even Adobe Standard. I have not had this happen on previous installations on XP and I am stumped. This isn't a big problem, the scanner doesn't use them, but certainly, she should have access to those profiles.


      There are two versions of View NX on that machine which she has been using but I have that on my own machine (Win 7) with no apparent interference.


      So, what am I missing?


      I should add that the Nikon cameras are D80 and D90, both supported by 4.6