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    InDesign ebook template (for Kindle)

    saratogacoach Level 1



      I'm a beginner using InDesign (CS5.5) and am trying to figure out whether I can easily use it to create a first eBook that I can then use the Kindle plugin to transfer into a Kindle eBook.


      I can use InDesign basic features but am far from capable at more advanced use. I've wondered if it would be easier to use Acrobat Pro 10 to create an eBook instead? Or MS Word?


      The content will be mostly text, with some Fireworks created illustrations, maybe a few links, in a chapter format. I'm guessing 6X9?


      I would appreciate any feedback, especially whether InDesign is a good content-creation choice for a first eBook (versus Acrobat, Word or another app), given my limited skills with InDesign.


      It would also be easier if I had a basic eBook template for InDesign, with a chapter format, that I can adapt to get started. I've searched online but cannot find any specifically eBook template with chapters.


      Any suggestions, help, templates much appreciated.


      Kind Regards,