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    Interactive movie.


      Hi guys, I'm a total flash noob. I need to make a interactive movie.


      It's a video about violence, now that I've shot all the footage Theres a point in the video where the user has to make a decision.

      My idea was just a few simple buttons to make these decisions easy to read, after the user clicks one of his desired decisions a new movie plays.


      I thought it was simple because I'm good with photoshop but that did not help me one bit.( actionscript etc. im a total noob)


      Quick rundown of what the actual concept of the video is:

      (All of the footage is shot and edited already)


      Two guys talk in the video and decide to take an elivator, they encounter a victim of a vicious beating and there attackers.

      This is the moment where I need the buttons to appear with  4 choices each starting a different clip. with only one being the right choice.

      I'm thinking this shouldn't be to hard for someone who's already skilled at flash


      The closest thing I can find that is exactly like the idea I have but obviously with much more features: www.survivetheoutbreak.com/

      I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem and or direct me to some good tutorials.


      Thanks for your time,