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    split screen lag




      Could you please help me a little bit? I am working on a little movie with AE, but I have some issue with split screen.


      Comp format is 1280x720 and I have several photos and videos (720p) using in this project with different camera settings.

      When I put a video on the timeline and add a mask to it, to set only a part of it viewable, export and everything works fine.

      But if I add the same video to the timeline twice, with different masks next to each other, so the video runs twice on the screen (split screen), with different filter effects, in the exported movie there is a huge lag while I play.
      IT is a 720p 25fps h.264 mp4 movie what I get after rendering.

      I also tried to reduce the rendering quality without any success.

      What do you think? Is it an issue with the play or is it an issue with the composition somewhere?


      May it is impotant that I use some camera tools in the movie also and I put the video in 3D into one camera tool.


      Have you got any suggestion to solve this?

      I would like to use split screen, it is good effect...


      Much appreciate!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You're not giving us enough info. If the movie is identical, then there should be no issues whatsoever, so whatever lag is there, is introduced by whatever you do. I doubt it's the encoding, as even full 50MBit H.264 plays smoothly on most systems these days, so you probably have some weird keyframing in your project or use a temporal effect that changes framerates...



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            agreis82 Level 1



            Thank you very much your reply.
            The hw was goog enough to do everything I want, now it is new for it using AE, I am only learning it now, but it is so cool.
            I have checked the things you have mentioned and found nothing exact. But I made a big mistake. I always use VLC player to run any type of videos on my computer. Today I uploaded one possible failed rendering to youtube and there were no any issue with that. So I have immedatelly downloaded an other media player (mplayer classic) and there is no any issue in that. IT was a big mistake from myself to start a thread without checking every 'usererror' stuffs
            I am sorry for that.


            Many thanks!