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    Clips not displaying in timeline


      I've been having a nightmare of a time editing a project because my clips are randomly not displaying in my sequence timeline.  The project recognizes them as being there and will play them when I preview, but some clips aren't represented graphically.  This makes it nearly impossible to edit, because I'm constantly dropping new clips over existing ones on accident.  Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 4.29.31 PM.pngIn this image, inbetween the two cross dissolves, there should be a clip.  I can only see it if I zoom in to a level that makes editing very difficult.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  My clips are all AVCHD, by the way. 

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Are you sure that the "missing" clips aren't just on a video track that you have scrolled out of view?


          Please show a screenshot of your entire Timeline panel.

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            arithmerock Level 1

            Yes, I'm sure the clips aren't on a track I've scrolled out of view.  As I said, when I zoom in on the timeline, I can see that there is a clip in the gap, at least in the example I posted above.  Here is a screenshot of my entire timeline after making some changes.Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 5.58.22 PM.png


            Where the playhead is, there should be a clip on track 1.  What does the 'V' at the far left of the track indicate?  Because it seems like maybe I've enabled some kind of overlapping video mode.  I'm a new convert to Premiere from Final Cut, so I'm not very comfortable with this yet.  I was able to fix the problem by deleting the two clip fragments to the left of the playhead.  When I deleted one, the other clip fragment, to the left of the first one, stretched out to fill the gap.  I haven't had the problem since, but I'd still like to know what was going on.  Seemed like a bug to me, but the 'V' also went away after I deleted the clips, so I'm wondering if maybe I had entered some kind of mode that I wasn't aware of.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Hide video track 3 (by clicking the eyeball icon in the track header) so that you're sure that the only video track that you're supposed to be seeing is video track 1---the one with the gap in which you are seeing video. Do you still see video in the Program Monitor when you do that?


              One thing that leaps out at me as unusual is that you've got some really short clips on the left side of that gap. I don't know whether that trimming was deliberate or not, but it seems like an odd edit.


              Regarding what the 'V' means: You need to learn about targeting tracks.

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                arithmerock Level 1

                When I hide video track 3, the problem persists.


                Yes, it looks like an odd edit.  It was't my intention to put those two short clips there.  There should be one, long, clip, and that's what I'm seeing in my program monitor.  I have to stress that what you're seeing there in my timeline is neither what I intended to put there, nor is it what's playing back.  I think this can only be a bug.


                And anyway, if I had made the decision to put two short clips there, it shouldn't cause phantom video to show up. 


                I assumed that the V had to do with track targeting, but the fact that it went away led me to question if it could have something to do with the problem.  Evidently not.

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                  arithmerock Level 1

                  I should note that what's on track three is just some video with a transfer mode that's more or less acting as color correction.  When I delete all the clips in that track or hide the track, I'm still seeing the same clip from track one that should be there (but isn't being displayed in the timeline).

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                    Powered by Design Level 4

                    Try resetting your current workspace.


                    Probably wont fix it but worth a shot.




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                      arithmerock Level 1

                      Nope, that didn't work.  Thanks for making a suggestion that wasn't condescending, though. 

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                        Jim Curtis Level 3

                        I don't think any replies have been condescending.  Todd's posts are usually snark-free and spot on.  There are a lot of rank amateurs on this forum, and if somebody asks you something that might be 101 to you, it's more a factor of the variety of skill levels you see here.  Nothing personal.


                        Whenever any application, not just Pr, starts behaving in a way that is different from your experiences, trashing the prefs will fix it most of the time.  If you worked with FCP for any length of time, you probably already learned this.  I did.  I had to trash them a lot.  Pr is similar.  Hold option while launching Pr for a fresh set.


                        If that doesn't do it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  I had to do this last week because my exports were taking forever.  Fixed my issue.

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                          arithmerock Level 1

                          You're probably right, Jim.  I think working long hours plus having the frustration of the software acting unpredictably made me especially sensitive.  Apologies to Todd. 


                          I tried trashing my prefs, but I may reinstall the app if the problem happens again.  Fortunately, it stopped happening on its own after I deleted the parts of the edit where it was happening.  Like I was saying, it seemed like Premiere was allowing multiple clips to reside on the same track in the same place.  When I'd delete one (after zooming in to a certain level where I'd be able to see the clip in the timeline), there'd be another clip in its place.

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                            Jim Curtis Level 3

                            Glad you got it working again.  I can sure identify with the frustration that accompanies long hours, deadline pressure and software that acts up.


                            I have Digital Rebellion's Pro Maintenance Tools, which includes some very useful utilities for Pr, FCP and Avid users.  I use the Preference Manager a lot.  The trick to getting good use of it is to remember to save a copy of your prefs when they're working well.  Then, when the prefs get corrupted, which seems to be way too easy for Pr, FCP, and Ae, swapping the bad prefs for the good ones is simple.  Since things like Output Modules (in Ae), Workspaces, and other items that take some time to get to your liking get trashed with the prefs, having a set that "works" can be a time saver.


                            A no-cost method is to locate your working pref file, zip it, and then you can unzip it right after you trash the corrupted unzipped version. 


                            I used to keep an alias to the Preferences folder on my desktop, as this was something I've had to do with more regularity than I would like.