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    premier elements 10 audio sync with video




        I am new to elements.

      I imported into a new project a video that also had audio as a new project.

      It is a 14 minute clip.

      Somehow at minute 3:19, the audio starts from the beginning again, totally ruining the movie.


      I have spent all day trying to fix this.

      I have uninstalled and deleted everything adobe premiere, and then reinstalled it all a couple times.


      I have renamed the video and tried to import it again, but still the audio problem.


      I have used Wondershare dvd builder to make the movie, the audio is fine, but adobe should be able to correct my video white balance, so I really want to use it.

      I have played the video clip in media player 10, and quick time, and the audio is fine there also.


      Either elements has a bug, or somehow I messed something up within elements for this clip.


      I am also using in the same movie, a 6 minute clip that doesn't have this issue.


      Does anyone know how to correct this?


      Along the way, I also have unlinked the audio and video, chopped the first 3:19 and dragged it over, but I can't get it exact.


      Since I know the source file is not the problem, I just want to somehow get rid of whatever is saved causing this, and use the correct file