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    whcsh_home.htm window opens with help file

      I'm about to release a WebHelp help file company-wide, and we've run into a couple glitches. When the help file is invoked within the program [that the help file is being written for], two screens come up. The first screen is a blank screen with the path: "file://>>wnd=Main". The second screen is the actual WebHelp file. We cannot figure how to make this first screen (the blank screen) go away and not come up at all. The blank screen becomes minimized, but what a pain it is to even have it open up.

      The second problem I'm not sure you can help me with. When the help file is open and the user closes it, and tries to open it again, the user must re-start the program to open the help file again. This issue I'm sure is developer-related, but he takes forever and a day to respond to and/or help me that I thought I'd just mention this to make sure it's not something that is on my end.

      Thank you,