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    Output server failed to call a custom agent on Aix (IBM Server 6.1)

    scsfdev Level 1

      Hi all,


      I like to check with you all about one thing regarding output server calling failed on a custom agent.

      The process is like below.


      One of our customers is using IBM Server 6.1 (AIX) with Central Output Server 5.7 calling a custom agent.

      All the process are working Ok on this machine. (I was told that the custom agent was compile on this machine from the beginning)

      Recently, they implemented another IBM Server 6.1 (same as above) and also having Central Output Server 5.7. (Same IBM server version with same Central Output Server version)

      However, this time, instead of recompiling the custom agent from source file on this new machine, they copied the agent file from previous working server and use in this new one.

      When Output server calls this agent (in new machine), it failed and no file has been generated.

      If I'm not wrong, this agent was written in C++ and was created way back on 1999.


      As I'm not familiar with this 'Agent thing' (I'm new to this environment, I'm more on windows .Net programming and all people who handle this project are gone and now it become my responsibility to handle this support), I also have no idea what happening.

      As a theory, in windows, we can copy exe from this PC to another PC and continue run or calling this exe from another exe without any problem. (Correct me if I'm wrong)


      May I know does anyone facing the same (or similiar) issue like me? Anyone has any suggestions?

      "Must" I compile the custom agent again?