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    Flash Player still not working


      I have Windows 7 (32-bit) Vista Home Premium, IE 9, Flash Player

      I have tried everything I've read in the forum and the suggestions I received from my previous post on March 23.  I've installed and uninstalled Flash Player update about 25 times, turned off my Firewalls, checked to make sure Active X Filtering isn't checked, made sure Shock Wave Player was enabled in Manage Add-ons, updated my Java Files, updated my Driver, did a Clean Install and videos still will not play on any website.  All I get is either a blank white screen or a black screen that says loading but nothing happens.  If I right click it says "movie not loaded".  If I go to the "About Flash Player" page, where its supposed to show the version of Flash Player installed or show an error message, there is nothing.  If I go to the Flash Player help page, it doesn't show Flash Player installed, it shows nothing.  How can this be if, after installing Flash Player, it says download was successful.  I'm ready to pull my hair out at this point.