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    Increasing RAM for After Effects through Windows Vista


      Hello everyone, 


      I've been spending so far almost a week trying to find an accurate tutorial for my system, detailing how to increase the AE RAM usage through Windows Vista.  I found that I have to find & change the boot.ini but Vista has a BCD & I have no idea what I'm doing & I don't wanna mess up my laptop.  I was forced to restore my system recently so, the only app that I have installed other than microsoft office is AE. 


      These r my system specs: 
      Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
      6GB RAM
      64-bit OS
      Windows Vista Home Premium
      NVIDIA: GeForce 9600M GT 


      Whenever I import footage in AE it won't play, preview, nor render.  It says that do have enough memory.  This has never happened before.  PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!


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