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    Exporting to text

    samallen3 Level 1

      I need to export certain text within an indesign file to a txt file.  I need to know if there is a way (there's always a way) to denote which text needs to be exported.  This is in a catalog workflow.  When I am done templating the pages, I need to send the product numbers, names, and prices of each product on each page to the web office so they can check it against our in-store database and get the right items on the website.


      What I need is to tag certain text and be able to tell indesign (without highlighting every part) to export only the selected text or the "tagged" text. 


      I know of a plugin that I have to purchase that exports all the text in an indeisgn document to one txt document, however I'm not sure that this will even be sufficient, because it does not save me time from having to go through and take out the text that the web office does not need.


      What would be FANTASTIC is if I could somehow let indesign know what a "product number" or "product price" was and it could automatically tag and/or highlight those parts of text and then I could export that to a completely unformatted comma delimited text file.


      There may be a way to do these things, but I'm not sure it will save any time.  Nonetheless, if anyone knows a workaround (even if it is time consuming) I would love to hear your solutions.