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    Video skipping/shaking after export

    Emily Burrow

      When I export my sequence, and review it in Quicktime Player, the footage skips and shakes throughout the whole movie.


      I am using Premiere Pro CS5


      My Sequence settings are:


      1920 x 1080

      29.97 fps

      48000 Hz - Stereo


      No Fields (Progressive Scan)


      I am exporting to a quicktime NTSC DV format

      720x480, 29.97 fps, Lower, Quality 100

      48000 Hz, stereo, 16bit


      If someone could explain why this is happening and how to fix it that would be great. I not only would like a solution but Id like to educate myself on why this is happening so I know in the future.


      Thanks for your time,



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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          I believe 503 is the current CS5 build.  Start by updating your application.


          Nothing looks amiss in your settings.  Although, if I were making a DVD from HD material (Are you?), I wouldn't use the DV codec. 


          You can export directly to DVD MPEG2 instead, and avoid a double-transcode.


          But, that won't solve your skipping / shaking issue necessarily.  Upgrading or trashing your prefs (hold option/alt while launching Pr) may help.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            For starters, don't use QuickTime.


            Try VLC and see if it plays any smoother.

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              I just tried something on a whim and it worked.  I'm in the USA, but I tried exporting the video in PAL format instead of NTSC.  It worked, but I have no clue why.  It seems to upload fine to youtube, etc as well.  Not sure about compatability for DVD.

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                I found an answer to your problem...sorry it is so late, but it will hopefully help the next person.


                I was having a similar problem we encoding a .mov after I had edited it a bit. I noticed that it was shaking on the preview screen and sure enough it was shaking after exporting it as well.

                I opened a new project at changed the frequency setting from 48000hz to 32000hz and that solved the issue.


                Hope that help others in future.

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                  Farhad Taleshi

                  Hi there,

                  When you ordered exporting, on the "Export Setting" window, on the section "Video" tab click "Match Source" button, then do rest of process(Queue. By having produced video, you can make

                  another video in a different pixel size. That is the way I could resolve my same problem. I hope it can help you and others.