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    Anyone help for the buttons


      Hi there,


      First of all thank you for taking time to read my post.


      I'll try my best to describe the problem I have. I want to do mutiple pages animation and let the buttons appear after the first a few sconds animation. So I put the button on the timeline and let them fade-in so it won't appear at the begaining of the animation. But the problem is even the button is invisible but you can still click the area and jump into the timeline. Is there anyway to let the button unclickble before it appears? Also, I have next and pre buttons and the all have same click problems as their location are same an cause the overlapping click problems.


      I've attached the markup to show the problems. The first image is what I want to do, and the second image show's the problems.


      Thank you everyone!

      Screen Shot 2012-03-26 at 10.46.12 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-03-26 at 10.46.20 AM.png