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    Problems with lists in generated Word docs (and workaround?)


      As a novice user of RoboHelp HTML 9, I've inherited a project that involves generating Word 2010 docs from RH.


      The Word docs I’ve tried generating so far have problems with the numbered and bulleted lists. Some lists are nested and some are not, but the following issues occur in every instance. Instead of a tab after the number or bullet, there are spaces instead. When I press Enter at the end of a list item, no new number or bullet appears automatically on the next line.


      Back in RH, I tried selecting some text that was in a list style, opening the Styles and Formatting menu, finding the style's name in the Paragraph and Character Styles drop-down menu, selecting the List Styles drop-down menu, and then re-selecting the same style there. In other words, the same list styles appeared in both the Paragraph and Character Styles and List Styles menus, and I selected them in both menus. When I generated Word docs afterwards, the lists appeared as true lists.


      However, it seems like there might be a simpler way to achieve the same result. Not only would it take some time to reapply all the list styles to every topic, but I suspect that this step is a workaround that might leave some underlying issue unresolved.


      I’ve been looking for an example of how a CSS with multi-level lists should be set up. Maybe it would be easiest to edit the CSS directly in Notepad?


      Thanks very much for any suggestions!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          The SAME style cannot appear in both the paragraph section and the list section. You may have styles that have been given the same name but one is a paragraph class and one is a list class. You can confirm that by opening the CSS in Notepad or any text editor.


          The list style is what makes the content come across to Word as a proper list (one you can amend). It's perfectly OK to apply a paragraph style and a list style. It's not necessary if you only generate online help but it has advantages if you create printed documents. See Printed Documentation on my site.


          If you use multi-level lists, if you want them to remain true lists in Word you will have to map them to a multi-level list you have created in Word. That is described in the Employee Care sample project. Click Open on the RoboHelp Starter page and then click Samples in the ribbon on the left.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips