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    Making a PDF reflow to 2 or 3 different sizes...

    johnrdamico Level 1

      I'm hoping that someone can help or at least shed some light on a question about PDFs inside of inDesign...  Here's my scenario:  I have an inDesign document that is used for printing booklets to teach people about a CAM software.  The original document size is approx. 5.25" x 7.5" which also looks great on a Desktop and tablet.  Is there any way (by the grace of God) to have inDesign automatically size the document to fit a smaller, phone size display - let's just say 3.75" (diagonal) display?  In other words, can I create a secondary smaller document from the original, where the content would essentially remain in the same order but get pushed onto more pages?  I am not looking to create an ePub file.  I tried going that route, but it's more involved than I have time for now and this booklet is pretty well-stylized.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          From your description, no.





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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Agree with Bob. PDF retains layout and proportions with no reflow. You can only scale larger or smaller.


            EPUB is designed for reflow.

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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              There is a reflowable form of PDF but the limit is your target platform. There is no "default PDF Viewer" for the iPad -- Apple's own, inside iBooks, is as limited (or more) as their poorly desktop Preview implementation. There are lots of other PDF viewers, all with their own unique set of own limitations -- even Adobe's first tentative version doesn't do very good on the 'Pad. Smaller mobile devices even have *less* brain capacity, and I don't think you can expect anything better on short notice.


              On top of that, InDesign does not allow for designing a "reflowable" document. There is a pretty good demo movie of a proof-of-concept technique, but that's all it is -- a *possible* line of development for a future ID. I can't tell at this time but I'd be quite surprised if this made it into CS6 already.


              Still -- even if InDesign can reflow layout, text and images and all, for you, you would still be looking at producing a dedicated document per current screen reader size. If you want to target lots of different devices, you might want to even look slightly *lower* than an ePub: a plain HTML document *with* images can be viewed at about every phone, at any size the user finds convenient.