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    Make ramp relative to object?

    Shpigford Level 1

      How can I make the Ramp affect stay relative to the object it's applied to?


      For instance, in the attached image, when I'm looking at the comp containing the circle Shape Layer, it looks fine (circle on the left), but if I look at the main comp, then the radial gradient looks like the circle on the right.


      I have 3D and Collapse Transformations on because I need them (the circle gets resized and zoomed in on with camera moves).


      My understanding of why this is happening is because the location of the Start/End of Ramp is based on a fixed position in the comp (actual X,Y coordinates) vs positioning within the shape it's applied to.


      So how can I make the Ramp location relative to the object it's applied to? Or is there some other way to create the radial gradient?