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    FCP import


      Hi all...my first attempt at cross platform.  First try gave me the FCP footage as Apple XDcam which I couldnt  read. I tried the trial version of calibrated decode, but it caused weird instability. So I had the FCP footage transcoded to proRez (with same file names as the FCP timeline) which I can read fine. Problem is the audio. The prorez trancoded file took all four tracks off the xdcam footage and combines it, not only is the audio bad because it is using tracks 3 and 4 as well as the good 1 and 2, but PP can not link it because it sees the FCP pro timeline with 2 audio tracks and thematching  prorezfile as only having one. I can go though the project file and manually replace each clip but I still have the unusable audio problem and no ability to automate the link.


      What is the best way to prepare FCP project to work well and link up with PP?



      SIde question. I have the FCP on a drive with macdrive which works fine. Problem is I can't use  search function in explorer. It does not find any file I type in. It is right there but no items match search.



      Thanks to any and all.  \

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          The only thing I can recommend is the same advice given when someone has an issue using a new version of the same program.


          Finish what you started in the same program, start new projects in the new program.