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    Drawing a simple circle: it's not "round" in Fireworks



      Drawing a 48x48 circle in Fireworks yields these "flattened" edges. Uh, how do I get a 48x48 circle without these? Or any sized circle without these?

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          groove25 Level 4

          My usual approach to this is: If it doesn't work in one application, try another. However, circles can be tricky, and I can't recall if Photoshop or Illustrator do a better job or not, so I thought I'd test out a few ideas, strictly in Fireworks.


          First, a series of circles, each larger than the other by a single pixel:



          Then I used the Transform panel to shift the X position of a single 48x48 circle in sub-pixel increments:



          Then I tried using FW's Image Size command to double the size of my original set of circles, using Image Preview to export them at half size:


          circles 2x half-size.gif

          Finally, it occurred to me to use the Transform panel to size a circle by half-pixel:




          Hope this helps somehow! If it really bothers you, don't forget to try the other applications, assuming you have them. FYI: If you don't have the Transform panel extension, you can download it here:



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            groove25 Level 4

            Still thinking about this issue, I remembered that strokes seem to exaggerate the "flat spot" effect in Fireworks. (Looking at your original circle, I'm guessing it might have a 1-pixel stroke applied to it.)


            Here's one more idea for improving the appearance of a stroked circle in FW. The default stroke style seems to be "1-Pixel Soft" (under the Pencil category); it has a Hard edge. For a stroke of 2px or more, change the Edge setting from 0 to 1 in the Properties Inspector; this will create a rather fuzzy look. Now tighten up the fuzziness by adding a Sharpen effect. (You could also try Sharpen More or Unsharp Mask.)


            stroked circles2.gif

            NOTE: Click on this graphic to view it full-size.


            For whatever reason, the anti-aliasing algorithm used by Fireworks just doesn't seem very effective. This technique tries to fix that.

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              Shawn_Chittle Level 1

              Wow. I'm... just astounded at the level of detail to this. Thank you so much groove25! I didn't put a stroke on that circle. Just dragging and creating a vector  48x48 circlehad the flattend images. Your circles look fantastic. The .25 X position shift looks particulary good!


              I have the entire Adobe suite. I'll try Illustrator and Photoshop as well - but I thought Fireworks was the most modern!


              Thanks again man, just fantastic!