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    slideshow xml greyed out

      I followed these instructions and cannot open the xml file as it is greyed out. Am on an iMac. Consequently I cannot make any changes whatsoever.

      To open an existing slideshow:
      1. Select Commands > Create Slideshow.

      2. In the Create Slideshow window, select Albums > Open an existing AlbumBook.

      3. Browse to the folder that contains the existing slideshow XML file and click Open.

      Note: You can also open an existing slideshow by clicking the Browse button (…) next to Albums.
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          I am on a PC, so I am not sure if there lay the difference, but, did you create a Slideshow to begin with, in order to get back to via the Command.

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            modom Level 1
            Yes I created a new slideshow. I don't think this will work for me because we need to make several slideshows from the player_black template and apparently you cannot change the name of the xml file so other slideshows from this template will keep overriding that file.

            The player and dreamweaver templates do not have index.html files on my iMac.

            What happened to the first 2 posts in this thread?

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
              Indeed, I think if you manually alter the files and then attempt to 're-open' the Album, it is not recognized.

              One thing you can try is after you immedaitely make the Slideshow, duplicate/copy the results to another location on your machine. Make manual edits to the copy and not the original. Then attempt to reopen the original/unaltered Album.

              Dw template uses dw_webphotoalbum.html file, while the player(black|white) uses player_black.html | player_white.html files in there respective template folders.

              Not sure what you mean by 'the first 2 posts'?