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    Displaying Help in an integrated (embedded) pane in a Windows app

    MMDeaton Level 1
      I am evaluating various help authoring tools to produce content for a help system that we will display in a pane within the window of a desktop Windows application. I was unable to find anything in the RoboHelp 7 product Help or this forum regarding this. Does RoboHelp provide an SDK or other tools for reducing the development effort required to display Help topics within an embedded pane? This display pane must have Help navigation controls just as if it were displaying in a child or independent window, both for topics accessed from the TOC, Index, Search, inline links, or via context-sensitivity in a dialog or app window.

      If RoboHelp does not provide such as SDK, do any of you know of a source for licensable code that would help us achieve this result?


      Mary Deaton