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    Create a new digital ID - passwords do not match

    Bluefix Level 1

      When creating a new digital ID in Adobe Acrobat X on Windows 7 computer, after entering the new filename where the ID is to be stored and password, I get a message box: "Passwords do not match".


      I have gathered the following information about creating digital IDs in Acrobat:


      Acrobat help which says: "Type a password for the digital ID file. For each keystroke, the password strength meter evaluates your password and indicates the password strength using color patterns. Reconfirm your password."


      A forum post which says: "6. Now enter the password in two places as instructed. "


      I also watched a video how the person was inserting the password when creating a new digital ID, she had two text boxes to enter it. Screenshot from the video is here:


      But when I try to do the same, I only have one field to enter the password. Here is a screenshot from my computer after clicking "Finish":




      Does anybody know how to make the second password field appear, so I can confirm it and get rid of the "Passwords do not match" message and finally create the digital ID?