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    Transparency Trouble Without Export


      Hi there,


      I'm having trouble with image transparency in InDesign when I import a PSD file.


      I mask out the background in Photoshop, then I place the file in InDesign. The faint white outline of the original background is still visible instead of completely transparent:Facebook Cover Photo.jpg


      This is exported from InDesign as a jpeg, but I also see the faint box in InDesign when viewing the file in Overprint Preview, which makes me think it's not an export problem. Everything is in RBG.


      In Photoshop I tried deleting all layers below the masked layer just to be sure they weren't interfering - same results. And as far as I know the mask is completely blocking out the background as it is an opaque black, not a shade of gray.


      When I expand the canvas size and replace the image in InDesign, the expanded canvas is properly transparent but the original image area is milky.


      This has been happening to me with multiple images recently, but not all of them.


      I am self taught and certainly still a novice with ID and PS and I would greatly appreciate a pro's help.