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    Little YouTube Tidbit

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      I've been working on a "live auction lot" for a charity, on whose board I sit. I put together an auction lot, for a stay, plus a limo from/to the airport and then airline tickets.


      The end result will be two DVD-Videos (obviously SD Widescreen), where the long version will be looping in the Live Auction area at our event, and then a little "teaser" will be shown on the Diamondtron screens, when the lot comes up. I did an approximately 09:00 main Project, and then deleted everything but the into material, which became the "short version."


      One of the committee members has a FaceBook page for the charity golf tournament, so I posted the "intro" version to YouTube, to be linked to the charity's FB page.


      Normally, and especially with DD 5.1 SS, I add plenty of Black Video, at the beginning, to allow DVD players time to "lock in" on the Audio Stream. In editing, that Black Video sort of got mostly lost.


      I start the "intro" (same for both Videos) with a long Title Roll, and in editing, that Black Video got used up, to match things. Here is the "intro:" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DtFhNoi614


      When I tested the YouTube upload, the download was very quick, and that Title Roll looked smooth. However, when I went back (nothing in cache), I got some big stutters in the beginning, until the download caught up. For the "long version," I went back, stretched my initial Black Video, to allow more time to get started, and things were much, much smoother. Here is the long version: http://youtu.be/9lgpWFmkdPM


      I will now go back and re-edit the "intro version," with but a few more seconds of Black Video.


      I learned something with this Project, and that is that for downloaded, streaming Video, one needs to allow for the initial download time. Had I not had a long, Title Roll, I might have missed the issue. Just like with DD 5.1 SS on a DVD-Video, how one starts their Project (or Sequence in PrPro), can make a big difference on the viewability. With sites, like YouTube, one MUST consider the viewability.


      Just a tidbit for others,