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    what tshirt/clothing printing method which is this?

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      Hi all,

      I'm seeing this sort of printing:



      http://www.cyclingsports.com.au/images/large_Santini-green-edge-team-jersey-ls-knick-wmn.j pg



      http://www.cyclingsports.com.au/images/ex_large2_Santini-green-edge-team-jersey-ls-knick-w mn-bck.jpg


      just about everywhere these days on silk like material and you can't feel the graphics like you would a traditional sceen print, could someone please tell me what this technique is that allows the printer to do these full wrap around designs and lovely gradients etc?.


      Looking to get this sort of printing done with some of my own artwork, I'm expecting it to cost a lot more compared to screen print.


      Any help would be great