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    What Happens when ACR 6.7 expires?

    Rusty Sterling Level 1

      I upgraded to LR4 and then because of issues with "Edit With" PSCS5 I found ACR 6.7. That fixes the problems I seemed to have but now I find out that ACR 6.7 expires on March 31. So what are the ramifications of this? Any possible the full release of ACR 6.7 will be done before then?


      Edited to add: I'm on an iMac OS10.6.8.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I remember, the message said something like:  it expires March 31, but you can continue to use it, indefinitely, and will receive a warning once a day. 


          A reason not to use ACR 6.7 RC indefinitely would be that there appear to be some brightness or strength inconsistencies in some of the PV2012 renderings (Clarity = 100% is one) between LR4 and ACR 6.7 RC, but I would expect there to be a release version of ACR 6.7 with its current issues corrected.

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            Rusty Sterling Level 1

            Thanks. That was very useful information. I do not go into PSCS5 much but there are times I need some functions in my processing. Hopefully, the new release will be ready soon.