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    File Is Locked

    vid2164 Community Member

      What do I do when I go to File>Save and I get the message "Could not save (file name & path) because the file is locked or you do not have the necessary access privleges. Use the properties command in the windows explorer to unlock the file." When I right click on the file in windows explorer and follow the instructions there is no command to lock or unlock a file, I am logged on as Adminastrator, all groups and users have full control except one which is Read & Execute. I try to change to full control but it doesn't change. How am I supposed to fix this problem when windows is telling me I have full control? Can anyone help me with this?



      I was able to save a couple of versions of the file, then I had to shut down the computer for about an hour and when I went back to it thats when I started to get this message.