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    Pixelation / Corruption / Glitch?


      Hi guys,


      I have a magazine that's almost finished but there are a few instances where I'm getting some corruption of some sort. After about 3-4 seconds the corruptionpixelation disappears and isn't a problem. It just looks terrible for the first few secpnds, I have attached a screen grab and I've marked in red what certain items are...


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm presenting this to my client on Friday and would really like to get it fixed. Thanks.




      P.S. The green icon on the bottom left is a MSO set to autoplay just so that it doesn't vanish behind the 360 PNG sequence.


      I'm using V18 of producer tools, latest viewer on my iPad and CS5.5.


      Let me know if you need any more information about the file.