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    Strange behavior when duplicating a text layer

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello All,

      I was following a tutorial.

      I created a text layer.  typed in the number "2012" in white

      I placed a texture in the comp.

      I used the text layer as an alpha track matte

      Then I duplicated the Text layer, and instead of the layer being named 2012 it automatically changed to 2013.

      When I look at it as Layer Name or Source Name it was the same "2013"


      So I create a new text layer and type in "0" and the layer was appropiately named 0

      But when I duplicated that layer it was named 2014

      When I duplicated any of the text Layers it was named the next sequencially higher number

      This pattern of renaming was only broken by typing in a number where the leading digit was anther value up i.e. 4329

      Then the duplicating of the text layer would start naming the with this value plus 1.


      Same thing happens if you split the text layer


      I think this is a bug or bad programming.  this can lead to unnecessary confusion if you working on a project with number text layers and have to duplicate, many of them or many times.  Or is the answer to pre compose the text layer before duplicating --- NO that has its own shotcomings.


      CS5.5 on a Mac Os 10.6.8