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    app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadOutLoudOnOff"); is not working in Acrobat button

    Muthuraj Durairaj Level 1

      Hi All,


      I would like to add buttons in a pdf and add action to the buttons to activate, read, stop of Read out loud options.


      To acheive this, I have created different buttons and trying to add


      Button 1: Actions > Run a Javascript > app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadOutLoudOnOff");


      Button 2: Actions > Run a Javascript > app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadAloudStart");


      Button 3: Actions > Run a Javascript > app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadAloudToEndf");


      Button 4: Actions > Run a Javascript > app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadAloudPauseResume");


      Button 5: Actions > Run a Javascript > app.execMenuItem("ADBE:ReadAloudStop");


      These javascripts are working fine in Javascript Debugger window but they are not working when adding this as Actions > Run a Javascript in buttons. I am not sure why?


      Somebody, please help on this.



      Muthuraj. D