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    does photo shop have a mirror function similar to sketch book pro and alchemy


      I am using photshop cs5 more and more for illustration since I have found that with tweeking the brush pallet - I can simulate almost any type of art medium for illustration- inclding straight line for architectural drawings, pencil sketch lines, inked lines and various painting looks.... and the rotate canvas feature is fantastic for draftmanship.... but one feature that has eluded me is the ability to create mirror imagery on the fly- I know i can do a copy-paste-(edit-image rotate-flip horizontal) after creating half an image or I could possibly set up an action to do this to a selection in one touch- but I have not seen  an on the fly feature to accomplish this in real time as you are placing down marks.. similar to sketch book pro and alchemy--- the ability to mirror an image as you are creating is essential for creativity and is  very useful in creating imagery for video game modeling ..... does anyone have a clue if this type of feature is in cs5 or if it is coming to photoshop...... peace