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    Parts list: Link numbers in list

    De Pascalis Level 1

      I work a lot with parts lists and I need to know if it is possible to link the numbers in a numbered list to the callout over the illustration.


      Lets say that I have a numbered list:

      1. Head
      2. Arm
      3. Body
      4. Foot

      Then I need to update the list with one part:

      1. Head
      2. Eye
      3. Arm
      4. Body
      5. Foot

      Is it possible to make the callouts update and increment one step after no.2? Or do you have any other tips on how to work with parts lists. One other thing is that I need to be able to have multiple copies of one callout, e.g. if you have multiple views of the head there should be a no.1 callout pointing at all the views of the head.




      I'm using Indesign CS5.5